Communities in the Digital Economy: Concepts, Models and Platforms

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Ulrike Lechner, University St. Gallen, Katarina Stanoevska-Slabeva, University St. Gallen, Yao-Hua Tan, Free University Amsterdam


Community building and community development, i.e., community management are a key success factor in the digital economy. They differentiate business models in the digital economy from traditional ones. These communities may be constituted as Internet shops, portal sites, groupware systems, electronic auctions, billboards, enterprises or organizations. Productcentered communities as well as communities of interest are relevant for electronic marketing, as for example the reader communities at, The Well, or Dreamworks. Another example are communities that form value chains, such as single product manufacturing consortia or flexible consumer-driven organization of global supply chains. Further examples are topic and technology oriented communities such as Open-EDI trading communities, Open Trading on the Internet (OTP), or EDI/XML, in addition to the community-oriented programming of Linux. Communities of practice or learning communities are pivotal for knowledge management.


Communities in the Digital Economy: Concepts, Models and Platforms

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